Trekking For Kids in Romania

July 2012

Trekking For Kids is a non-profit corporation that organizes purpose-driven treks. Every year they are going to a new country. They raise money to help an orphanage and also organize a hike in that country. This year Trekking For Kids chose Romania as destination. TFK raised 26.000 USD to help Casa Prichindel from Rasnov with their projects.
After spending some time with the kids from the orphanage it was the time to start the start the hike. Bucegi Mountains were a very good place to start the hike, so we climbed Omu Peak and descended to Padina. Centrul National Salvamont was a very good host. The next day we passed Strunga Pass and descended to Bran on a trail with glorious views over Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains. Our chef from Bran outdid himself that evening, so we had an incredible dinner. After a good start and a short visit to Bran Castle, Piatra Craiului greeted us with its magnificent landscape. The atmosphere was very good at Curmatura Chalet, so the jokes and good disposition were present all the time. After all this it was time to get back to Casa Prichindel to spend more time with the kids.
On the last day TFK spent in Brasov we chose to take the kids from the orphanage on a trek to “7 Scari” Canyon in Piatra Mare Massif. It was a very nice hike that gave all of us a very big satisfaction. This was the best way to say goodbye to Romania. But we hope to hike together again and promise to work on new jokes.
Here is a link with TFK story:

Your Guide Romania


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