Multi-Season Trip in Fagaras Mountains

September 2014

In Europe we had crazy weather in the summer of 2014. Although September had the most stable and good weather in this hiking season, the four days spent together with Ruth and Grace gave us the chance of admiring Fagaras Mountains landscapes through 3 seasons perspective: autumn, winter and spring. The difficulties we met, fog, blizzard, cold weather and icy road were a challenge for our group. Despite these, every day had it’s own charm and we enjoyed together the routes, the good company and the good time we spent together. The chamois and the ravens were our companions. We climbed Vanatoarea lui Buteanu Peak, admired beautiful Capra and Balea lakes, Fereastra Zmeilor, Doamnei Valley and Balea Waterfalls. Behind all these we gained good friends and unforgettable memories.

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