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Your Guide is a team of professional mountain guides and instructors with over 30 years of mountain experience united by our great passion for mountains and protecting the environment. We offer a great selection of guided adventure tours in Romania, including hiking and trekking, rock climbing and mountaineering, mountain bike tours, paragliding, skiing and ski touring. We have a tour for people of all levels. Your guides are highly experienced, dedicated professionals who are committed to providing safe and exciting mountain adventures. All tours are conducted in English, but we can smile in any language. Special arrangements for other languages can be made with advanced notice. We specialize in tailor made tours and will find you the best conditions available, all you have to do is show up.

Why would you hire Your Guide?
  • you deal directly with the person responsible for the quality of your trip
  • you deal directly with a highly experienced guide and mountaineer
  • you deal directly with an Your Guide owner who is 100% committed to the long-term quality of your program
  • discovering the Romanian mountains with Your Guide gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have chosen the best

Your guides have over 30 years of mountaineering experience nationally and internationally. The following is a partial list of your guides’ accomplishments:

  • hiking all the main mountains in Romania
  • Fagaras Mountains main ridge traverse in winter season
  • expeditions (climbing and ski touring) to Mt. Elbrus 5642m
  • climbing Mt. Grossglockner 3798m
  • climbing Mont Blanc 4810m
  • expedition to Mt. Aconcagua 6962m
  • ski touring over Breithorn 4164m
  • climbing Monte Rosa 4634m
  • trekking Annapurna Circuit
  • rock climbing contests all around Romania
  • rock climbing routes in summer/winter season
  • paragliding flights in Romania (all the main massifs), Russia (Caucasus Mt.), France (Chamonix, Alpes-Maritimes), Turkey (Oludeniz), South Korea, Nepal
  • cave exploring all around Romania

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Meet your guides

Hi, my name is Cristi Tutunea, I am the company owner together with Ciri, a licensed mountain guide, paragliding and ski instructor. My experience goes back over twenty years in paragliding, thirty years in skiing and thirty five years in mountain activities. I was born in 1975 in Brasov City, close to many mountains. My father guided my steps into hiking and skiing from childhood. Later on I started paragliding, rock climbing, ski mountaineering, triathlons, mountain biking and mountain running advancing from amateur to competitive level.

Beginning with the Romanian Carpathians paragliding later took me to Caucasus, Alps, Babadag (Turkey), Nepal and the South Korean Mountains. My passion for mountains and heights led me to climb the highest peaks in Europe and South America in several expeditions: Elbrus – 2004 (ski touring), Grossglockner – 2005, Aconcagua – 2006, Mont Blanc – 2007 and 2013, Annapurna Circuit – 2014.

Through the years I have guided tourists in Fagaras, Piatra Craiului, Bucegi, Retezat, Ciucas and other Romanian mountains, safety and pleasant company being my main goals. I speak fluent English and I am a member of the Romanian Mountain Guide Association, Romanian Climbing and Mountaineering Federation, Romanian Free Flight Association and Romanian Mountain Rescuers Association. I am looking forward to sharing mountain adventures with you.

  • company owner
  • licensed national tourism and mountain guide, no. 4052
  • licensed paragliding instructor, no. 475
  • licensed ski instructor, no. 376
  • licensed mountain rescuer

Hi, my name is Ciri Turcanu and I am the company owner alongside Cristi. I am a licensed mountain guide and my great passion are mountains and everything connected to them: hiking and trekking, alpinism, rock climbing, skiing and photography. In my thirty-seven years experience in this domain I have discovered how complex mountains can be, but also the possibility they offer to discover yourself.

I was born in 1964 and started rock climbing when I was sixteen years old. As a member of Creatia Brasov Climbing Club, I competed in many national climbing contests listed on the Romanian Cup, scoring results in the top ten. My dearest adventures within my thirty years of climbing have been traversing the main ridge on the Fagaras Mountains main ridge and climbing Boulders Route (Traseul Lespezilor) from Bucegi Mountains, both of them in the winter season.

I speak English and I am a member of the Romanian Mountain Guide Association. I chose this job so you can safely discover the Romanian Carpathians and enjoy nature in a pleasant companionship. Together we can hike and climb so many routes all over the Carpathians, and see rare beautiful massifs such as Piatra Craiului, Fagaras, Bucegi, Retezat, Ciucas and many others.

  • company owner
  • licensed mountain guide, no. 4227
  • licensed tourism guide, no. 3982

Hi, my name is Nicu Braguta and I am a professional mountain guide, ski instructor and part time mountain rescuer. For five years I have been active in Sacele Town and Brasov City mountain rescue teams. I was born in 1980 and started hiking when I was very young, so my mountain experience goes back over twenty-five years. I took part in several expeditions climbing the highest peaks in Europe: Elbrus – 2003 & 2004 (ski touring), Grossglockner – 2005, Pizol & Dent du Midi 2007 (winter season), Mont Blanc – 2008 (winter season).

I was a member of the rock climbing team of C.S.U. Brasov Club and member in the speleology STIX Brasov Club as well. Throughout these years I have climbed many routes and explored many caves all around Romania. Later on I focused on ski mountaineering and in 2006 I became international referee and judge in ski mountaineering competitions. Between 2007-2009 I was a UIAA delegate, jury member of Ski Mountaineering World Championships.

I guided tourists in all the main Romanian mountains, including Fagaras, Piatra Craiului, Bucegi and Retezat Mountains. In later years I have focused on mountain bike tours in Southern Transylvania mountains, both as a guide and as a competitor in mountain bike races as well. I was a member of the Romanian Mountain Guide Association up to 2008. I am currently a member of the Romanian Mountain Rescuers Association, Romanian Climbing and Mountaineering Federation, Romanian Speleology Federation and UIAA. I speak fluent English, average German and I am looking forward to sharing mountain adventures with you.

  • licensed tourism and mountain guide, no. 2278
  • licensed mountain rescuer, no. 061
  • licensed UIAA international ski mountaineering referee
  • licensed ski instructor

Hi, my name is Adi Benga. I am a professional mountain rescuer and mountain guide. I was born in 1979 and started in 2002 as a volunteer in Sacele Town mountain rescue team, a little bit later getting my mountain rescuer license. Currently I am full time member of the same mountain rescue team and part time mountain guide as well.

Like my colleagues, I started hiking and skiing at a very early age gaining over twenty-five yeas of experience. My passion for mountains and sport made me improve my skills to a high level to start running in mountain marathons, adventure challenges, ski mountaineering and mountain bike competitions. A personal achievement was in 2008 when I climbed some of the highest peaks in Europe – Monte Rosa and Breithorn (ski touring).

In 2010 I finished a paramedic course, being qualified in providing first aid. My job gives me the possibility to spend almost every day in the mountains. I am a member of the Romanian Mountain Rescuers Association. Although I am still young I have hiked and guided tourists in all the main Romanian mountains both in summer and winter. I am very happy to have the chance of showing you the beauty of the Carpathians and share hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking or ski touring adventures with you.

  • licensed mountain rescuer, no. 074
  • licensed tourism and mountain guide, no. 7000
  • licensed paramedic
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