Sport Climbing or Classic Routes?

July 2014

Rasnov Gorge bring back memories from the ’80-’90. They help us remember a different climbing time, the time when the will to climb used to compensate for the lack of equipment, time, money and means of transport.
This time we did not lack any of these, but the emotion of climbing again with old friends was so high. We chose a classic route close to our car called Cezar Manea. During the 5 pitches we climbed we had a lot of fun and recalled the good old times. After finishing this route we also tried a new sport climbing route with 30m of free climb, good anchors and everything you need, but still… If you ask an old climber which climbing style he likes best he will answer classic routes. We found our answer. Are you interested to try and find out which one you like?

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