Powder Skiing in Piatra Mare

March 2015

Three years ago we went to ski Valcelul Dracului in Piatra Mare. That time we saw this new possible line on Valea Sarata, but we waited a lot of time to get the good snow there. This year it happened! We had a lot of snow at the beginning of March so we gave it a try. It was a very good day for ski touring and splitboarding. The valley was indeed a pleasure to ski and we will return there, for sure. After we finished we climbed back to the top to ski again Valcelul Dracului, but the snow was not good here. The avalanche risk was high, so we chose another valley in the woods, more sheltered. The snow was even better here, a nice soft powder that makes a skier day. We didn’t have much time to take pictures, because we were too busy skiing. 🙂

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