Family Holiday in Romania

June 2012

This spring Avivit contacted our team to plan a family trip in Romania. The trip was supposed to include both hiking and sightseeing for a large family: grandparents, parents and children. So we planned the trip together based on the highlights on their agenda and individual hiking skills. We met at Otopeni Airport and drove to Sinaia. We visited Peles and Bran Castles and Rasnov Fortress. The next day the weather improved so we went up to Babele in Bucegi Mountains and hiked to Caraiman Peak. Unfortunately the clouds did not allow us see the view over Prahova Valley, so the heroes monument was the highlight of this day.
After this we went to Brasov where we did a city tour and a short hike on Tampa Mountain. The next day we drove to Piatra Neamt for sightseeing and visiting family roots. A hike around Lacul Rosu gave us the chance to get some fresh air after the hot sightseeing days. Next we stopped at Sovata to get some rest. After rest and a bath we continued our tour to Targu Mures, Turda Salt Mine, Cluj Napoca and Huedin. After so many cities a nice and cozy stay in Sacuieu, at Davincze Guest House, was all we needed. This was the beginning of our little tour in Apuseni Mountains. The next day we went to Rachitele Waterfalls and hiked to Pietrele Albe. The heavy rain just missed us on the way back to the waterfalls, where our friend Simona prepared a zip-line over the falls for us. From the youngest child to grandmother we all enjoyed the zip-line ride. We stayed over night in Arieseni to get ready for the next day in Apuseni Mountains. The next day was reserved for visiting caves. Scarisoara Glacier and Bears Cave gave us some highlights of the underground world from Apuseni Mountains.
After we finished our little tour in Apuseni Mountains we went to Arad and Timisoara for sightseeing and to visit the places where Mrs. and Mr. Kraus were born. Next on our list were Hunedoara Castle and Sibiu City. A Romanian Tour is not complete without a hike in Fagaras Mountains, so we drove to Balea Lake where we hiked the ridge above the lake. We were lucky again and finished the hike just before the rain started. Next day we drove to Bucharest and stopped on the way to visit Poenari Fortress and Curtea de Arges Monastery. Bucharest was the end of our two and a half week tour around Romania. It was the time to end a very nice and friendly trip that had everything: hiking, sightseeing, visiting family roots and lots of birthday celebrations. We are happy that we were able to spend this holiday together and our team hopes that you had a great time in Romania.

Your Guide Romania


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