Mountaineering in Bucegi Mountains – Acele Morarului

September 2011

Simona and Adi came from Cluj-Napoca to try paragliding and climb a popular route in Bucegi Mountains, Acele Morarului (Miller Needles). On Saturday we went paragliding on Bunloc Hill, very close to Brasov City. The weather was very good and we enjoyed a nice flying day. The next morning we got up very early in the morning and left to Busteni Town. This mountaineering trip was a combination of adventure hiking and easy rock climbing on a spectacular ridge. We started climbing on Cerbului Valley and left the marked trail to meet Braul Morarului. On this wild trail we met lots of black goats and Edelweiss flowers. Finally we reached Morarului Ridge after a 4h hike. We climbed and descended/rappelled the 4 needles enjoying glorious views and a perfect weather. There was another team climbing in front of us, so we also enjoyed a little company next to the black goats. We continued to hike on Morarului Ridge all the way up to Omu Peak (2505 m), the top of Bucegi Mountains. A hot tea and a few sandwiches gave us the strength to return to Busteni Town on the same Cerbului Valley. Our trip took all day long, but gave us lots of nice memories. You can also enjoy some of them here.

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5 Responses to Mountaineering in Bucegi Mountains – Acele Morarului

  • Simona says:

    And a great trip really was. Your Guide took care of all the details so that me and Adi could enjoy the two days spend near Brasov as much as possible. He flew as with his para-glide high above the mountains on the first day and then, on the second day, he showed us the mountains up and close on a wonderful route. We had great weather, great landscape, great guide. Thanks and see you next time!

  • Woonam Chu says:

    Hi , Cristi
    long time no see.
    The pictures are so great ! I also watn to enjoy outdoor life. I envy you.
    The weather is so cold in Korea recently. but The winter should be cold. ^^;
    There is a some problem in network side. hm , I needed your help. Where were you? just kidding.
    Take care of U . See you again.

    • Hi Woonam,

      Indeed, long time no see. I hope you and your family are fine. I am waiting for the snow so we can start skiing.
      Come visit our mountains and we’ll solve the network problems, too. 🙂 But meanwhile, don’t forget to go to Jirisan next spring.

      I hope to see you again someday!

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