Happy Days – Touring the Carpathians

February 2013

The Souceks and their friends have been doing freeride in the Alps for a long time. They have a guest house over there, so they can go whenever they want. This time they wanted to try something new for their holiday, so they chose the Carpathians. Here they found out the difference between Carpathians and the Alps. There are not many ski resorts and ski lifts in the Carpathians, so this leaves a lot of space for ski touring and freeride. With all their heavy freeride equipment our guests were not discouraged by this. Even though they were not used to go so much uphill with the skies they worked hard every day so they can enjoy the freerides. Finally everyone mastered the turning technique, so from now on they are not only freeriders but also ski tourers. The weather was on our side and in one week we managed to ski four mountains: Ciucas, Bucegi, Piatra Craiului and Baiului. We had plenty of powder snow to enjoy our skiing. I would add a special mention for the last day when we went to Baiului Mountains. The strong wind from that day, approx. 140 km/h in gusts, tried to make us give up, but our guests were very decided to continue and nothing could stop us. It was a week to remember, a very good reason to plan together the next holiday.

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